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Coupe-like cars are not new but the initial Mercedes-Benz CLS which made its Australian launching in June 2005 began an entire new style pattern. BMW produced a fastback 5-door variation of its 5-Series and called it a GT and Audi has presented first the A5 Sportback in January 2010 and after that the A7 Sportback in March 2011.

All 3 of these German manufacturers have made use of every perceived niche in the marketplace but none perhaps more ingeniously compared to Audi.

The A7 Sportback is perhaps one of the most beautiful automobile the company has ever produced. I say ‘passenger car' to leave the marvelous mid-engined R8 (see review on this website) from what is currently a complex formula.

Perhaps greater than any model in the range, the A7 is a workout in aesthetics. The


of Jaguar design Ian Callum unwisely said of the newest XJ range that beauty is no much longer attainable (because of the restrictions such as safety and the rules of aerodynamics). Spectacular as the Jaguar XJ is, no-one claims it's beautiful in the style of its 1979 XJ Collection III forefather: more's the pity. But the A7, in the eyes of this observer, is certainly beautiful.

Perhaps the easiest way of deconstructing Audi's item planning with the A5 and the A7 is to say that the previous was sprung off the A4 - at first as a stylish sports car and later on as a 5-door Sportback - and the last owes many of its foundations to the A6, which all of a sudden appearances very conservative comparative with this spectacular 5-door luxury sports car.

With prices beginning at $142,750 the A7 isn't most likely to be a common view but it's a car that transforms goings when it does make a look in the traffic.

There's absolutely nothing to criticise about the design of the present A6 but it doesn't exude charm in the style of the rakishly elegant A7. Initially flush it is challenging to see why you would not obtain the extra $26K or two to obtain on your own right into an A7 instead compared to an A6.

The significant choice is in between diesel and gas. Both engines are 3.0-litre V6s. In 3.0 TDI role the A7 establishes 180 kW and a powerful 500 Nm of torque while the 3.0 TFSI as evaluated here makes 220 kW and 440 Nm of torque.

Both vehicles are defined with Audi's fantastic quattro all-wheel own system and both have a 7-speed S tronic transmission (read DSG).


Audi's own propaganda explains the A7 as ‘an visual professional athlete with a broad, effective roadway stance'. That may have shed something in translation from the German and we should have the ability to do a bit better.

In February 2011 the A7 Sportback easily beat 9 various other finalists at the Auto Bild profession journal Design Top. Teacher Othmar Wickenheiser,


of the Transport Design division in the faculty of Used Sciences at the College of Munich, explained this as: ‘an definitely unified design idea. Unembellished flanks, sinewy shoulders, structured sides - perfect'.

Perhaps strangely considering Audi AG declared this number for the 1982 100 CD (for Corps Diplomatique, not Coefficient of Drag), the CD is simply 0.30, which is easily ruined by various Mercedes and BMW models.

Key aspects in the design are the reduced elevation (1.42 metres) in connection with size (4.97 metres) and size 1.91 metres) and the remarkable fastback sweep of the back which is a smooth extension of the roofline. The A7 appearances superbly grown when driving. Choose the gas engine and you obtain 19-inch alloys while diesel buyers obtain 18s.

When DaimlerChrysler (as the company after that was) introduced the CLS, reporters were informed that inside it had been described as the Jaguar by Mercedes-Benz. I think the A7 has more real Jaguar DNA - particularly in account - compared to that 2005 CLS which has outdated instead amazingly.

But it's also clearly an Audi.

The interior is almost unremarkable for an Audi because we anticipate such high requirements. The worldwide news release claims the salient aspect to be the ‘wrap-around', explained as a ‘horizontal line encircling the whole cabin'.

Any car lover that did a Tear Van Winkle from the very early 1990s until the second years of the new century would certainly be astonished at the transformation in Audi insides. So often they used to be dark and bleak with a high scuttle, but the 1996 A6 started a transformation that proceeds. Audi is considered the pacesetter in interior decoration for up-wards of a years.

Currently outside design appears to be improving considerably (from over average to the Complete Monty beautiful).

Have we reached the point in background where Audi design eclipses the best initiatives of its 2 most major competitors? Perhaps. But let's delay and see what the next couple of years bring.


Just 2 seat belts are suited the back area so perhaps that ‘coupe' terms starts to earn more sense. The individual sittings are superbly comfy and many will prefer to trip here compared to in advance.

Fold the seatbacks ahead and baggage quantity jumps from a currently spacious 535 litres to 1390 litres.

If the 4-seater setup was a small surprise, I was more surprised to discover how many luxury features are not consisted of as standard.

It appears Audi Australia was determined to bring the A7 to market at the most affordable feasible price but wisely made the choice not to define any one of the much less effective engines offered in Europe.

The equipment degree is high instead compared to luxurious. Natural leather may be considered granted. The standard inlays remain in highly polished walnut but you can define grey cleaned aluminium or all-natural brownish ash at no extra cost.

There's a sensational BOSE border system but if you want something also better you can have a Bang & Olufsen Advance Sound System for $12,350.

You will pay $1600 for a DVD/CD changer and $2650 in addition to that for analogue and electronic TV function.

Standard items consist of a turning around video cam, what Audi explains as ‘Comfort key, access and drive-away permission system', flexible xenon fronts lights, an automated extending and retracting back looter, an electrically operated tailgate and a glass sunroof.

Options consist of LED fronts lights, flexible (instead compared to standard) cruise control, an evening vision system with pedestrian discovery, quad- (instead compared to dual-) area environment control, ambient illumination, pole position heating, electrical guiding column modification (a function I anticipate in this price course, at the very least in a high-end sedan-cum-coupe) and head-up display.

Nonetheless, also if you do not include a solitary option, you'll have a beautiful and delicious machine.

Efficiency & Economic climate

Despite its relatively moderate capacity of simply 3.0 litres, the V6 TFSI engine gives the A7 towering efficiency. Try no to 100 kilometres/h in 5.6 secs.

Those 440 Nm of torque come right into dip into simply 2900 rpm and remain until 4500 rpm, a simple 750 rpm except where the maximum power output of 220 kW shows up on the scene. So: smooth efficiency and an expressive soundtrack to suit.

The combined fuel economic climate number is 8.2 litres each 100 kilometres.

Trip & Handling

The A7 is equipped with Audi's own select driving characteristics system (memo to Audi AG: better name needed quickly !), which means you can include some real feel and weight to the electro-mechanical power guiding by pushing the ‘dynamic' switch. Also about community this would certainly be my default setting. The various other 3 settings are ‘comfort', ‘auto' and ‘individual' and quite a level of tailoring is available.

As well as changing guiding reaction, the settings influence transmission reaction and engine efficiency.

Such as each quattro-equipped Audi, the A7 exhibits first-rate handling.

Trip convenience with the standard steel suspension is excellent but I imagine the expensively optional air suspension provides much more convenience.

Final thought

Audi has set a brand-new standard of elegance and desirability for its 4-door and 5-door models with the A7.

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